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How to preview voice messages on WhatsApp

Be sure that you always get the right message across by previewing your messages before sending them.

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks and messaging platforms, with billions of active users.

While chatting with emojis is great, hearing the other person’s voice is sometimes nicer. But voice calls can be misunderstood or disrupted by a poor connection.

And if you don’t want to jump on a video call, your next best option is to share voice notes. Voice notes are a great option, but it can be tough to get the perfect recording.

But not to worry, in this article, we’ll show you how to preview WhatsApp voice messages so you can record correctly and confidently.

WhatsApp voice notes

Image: KnowTechie

Responding to a voice message impromptu can be intimidating. You’ll want to know what the message sounds like before you send it. This is especially so in formal or semi-formal conversations.

The worst damage can result from not properly previewing your voice message before you hit send. To prevent this, WhatsApp allows you to preview your voice messages.

Previewing your voice messages on WhatsApp

You can preview voice messages using the WhatsApp mobile app. We’ll show you how to do it below:

Go to the chat in question. This can be an individual or group chatWhatsApp on iPhone showing the chat screen
Tap and hold the microphone, then slide it up if you want to lock it in hands-free modeWhatsApp on iPhone arrow pointing to microphone
Now, start speaking to record your responseWhatsApp on Iphone red box around recording audio waves
Tap Pause when you’re doneWhatsApp on iPhone arrow pointing to pause button
Tap on the Play button to preview your recordingWhatsApp on iPhone arrow pointing to play button
For a lengthy recording, you can tap any part of the timeline to jump to itWhatsApp on iPhone arrow pointing to the audio wave
If unsatisfied with what you’re hearing, simply tap on the trash can icon to delete the recording, then repeat until you’re happyWhatsApp on iPhone with arrow pointing to trash bin
When done, tap on the arrow button to send your voice messageWhatsApp on iPhone with arrow pointing to the send button

The process is essentially the same whether you use the mobile app or WhatsApp on your computer.

Speak confidently, preview, then send

Get over your fear of saying the wrong thing on WhatsApp. Going forward, you can use the voice message preview feature to listen to and refine your response.

And if you mistakenly send a voice note that you meant to delete, it’s not the end of the world. WhatsApp also allows you to delete it for yourself and everyone else quickly.

This feature may not be necessary when chatting with your family, friends, or inner circle, as you can speak your mind without filters. However, it can be a lifesaver in formal or semi-formal settings.

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