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How to shoot real estate videos

In this article we’ll take a look into the requirements of ‘working’ video material for your real estate agency. 

The person is holding a mobile phone and using its camera to take a picture of their reflection in the mirror, surrounded by furniture in the room.

Social networking sites started as a communication tool, and now they are the trendsetters for style, social behavior, and even business management.

Since the main way to communicate with the audience is through video content, the real estate niche is forced to adjust to these tools as well.

Video content is the most useful marketing strategy as long as it resonates with the need of the customers to have a quick yet deep insight into the matter. Let’s look into the requirements of ‘working’ video material for your real estate agency. 

Why do you need video content?

What is our society like? Quick, impatient, super-productive, and always cutting to the chase; along with that, the attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

Thus, the best way to reach your audience is through video, as from the first seconds, you get straight to the point. 

The benefits of the video content are:

  • Easy connection with the customers;
  • Better productive than photos;
  • Well-established internet presence;
  • More attention from the audience, thus, thus better website outreach and website visibility. 

Although the video industry has been around for a few years, realtors are still not willing to dedicate more time to it.

Being afraid of the technical moments, not knowing how to make the footage or choose and add music in video and perform all the finest manipulations with the clips to make them catchy for the public.

However, a lack of knowledge shouldn’t stop you from a chance to promote your agency and reach clients on a global scale. 

Types of real estate videos

  • Real estate listing videos: the most common form of video presentation. Basically, it is a virtual tour inside and outside the place. 360° cameras make the picture more immersive. 
  • Virtual tours: typically used for the places under construction using 3D modeling, allowing the clients to move freely inside the room. 
  • Narrative videos: function like documentaries with interviews from the people of the neighborhood, testimonials from the owner, the history, and philosophy of the places, etc. 
  • Short videos: to accompany the e-mail, message, or agency presentation. 
  • Agent presentation: an important part of company-client communication, makes the whole process more personal, and connected. It functions as an online face-to-face communication. 

Essential features of the video making

The user interacts with the graphical interface.


Audio sets the tone for the whole video; it is a crucial quality for the video quality. The way the speaker talks and the music embedded in the background either attract the client or prevent them from watching.

Thus, it is important to use a good microphone and make sure to use appropriate music. 


Light gives life to the colors. If there is not enough natural light, the colors will seem dull, and the whole area will lose its charm.

To not be dependent on the weather conditions and time of the day, you can just buy pocket-sized lighting, which can be attached straight to the camera. 

Video equipment

The camera sits on the table.
Image: Pexels

Before googling all the ‘video-shooting kits,’ it’s worth spending some time making videos with your phone, just to try your hand at it.

You need to understand what it feels like, what you see, what angles are the best for you, etc. Besides, modern phones can easily compete with cameras.

After you feel settled with the basic level and see the positive feedback about your video input, you are ready for improvements.  

In a nutshell, there are three types of cameras 

  • point and shoot
  • DSLR
  • Mirrorless 

The ‘point and shoot’ is the most comfortable in terms of weight and easiness of usage, yet it has no changing lenses. DSLR – a choice for professionals, requires sound knowledge of photography.

It offers high-end quality, long battery life, and interchangeable lenses. Mirrorless cameras can be a good choice, as they are portable, offer good video quality, and fast shutter speeds.


A tripod is a ‘must’ regardless of the camera type you are going to use. Shaky videos will keep your customers away, devalue the property and damage the whole image of the place. 


The beginning of the video is crucial, as the first 2-3 seconds will either catch the client’s attention or not. Overall, timing depends on the type of the video.

The listing pieces should be short and sweet, without watery words, mentioning all the major points. The length of the video shouldn’t be longer than 3-4 minutes, as that’s the maximum a person can spend for one piece.

Only when the customer is interested in a specific property and needs a detailed virtual tour the timing can surely be exceeded. 

Realtor presence

A person is speaking on the phone.
Image: Pexels

Make sure you appear at the very beginning of the video, introducing yourself. It will help to make the first connection with the client and will build the face-recognition network, as the clients will be willing to contact you specifically. 

The initial period of creating video content may seem tough, as your skills and your creative vision are on different levels.

Yet, step by step, you will learn the basics and get adjusted to showing the property with your ‘third eye.’ Video content isn’t just beneficial for the development and visibility of your business.

It is rather a necessity nowadays when humanity is fully immersed in this kind of communication and marketing. Grab your camera and have a go towards better company performance. 

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