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How to watch today’s Google Pixel 3 event

You can watch it all unfold right here.

Another year, another Google Pixel event.

When October rolls around each year, Google hosts a massive “Made by Google” press event where the company shows off everything (in terms of gadgets) its been working on all year. This year is no different and today is that day.

The event kicks off at 11 AM in New York (9 AM Pacific, 5 PM in London, and 12 AM Tuesday in China), and you can watch the whole event right here on KnowTechie. See the little video box above? Yup, that’s where you can watch it.

What to expect at today’s Google Pixel 3 event

So what can you expect at today’s event? Well, obviously, the company is set to reveal their new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphone. While leaks for the phone have been leaking like your bathroom’s faucet, we can expect more details that about the phone that has yet to be made officially public.

On top of that, we could see a new Home Hub, which could be Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Show. Additionally, a new Chromecast could make an appearance, as well as a new Chrome OS tablet.

Either way, if it’s going to get announced today, you’ll be able to watch everything unfold right here during the event’s livestream.

Will you be watching the Google Pixel 3 event? Let us know what’s on your mind down below in the comments. 

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