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Instagram ditches the Following tab so you’ll no longer be able to snoop on your friends

Now, you’ll never know what your thirsty ex-boyfriend is doing on Instagram at 2 am.

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Instagram has been going through some changes recently, not all of which are welcome, but a new update coming to the photo-sharing app should make literally almost all of us happy. Unless you like the tea🐸☕️, and then maybe you’ll be a bit disappointed by the news.

Instagram is getting rid of the Following tab. You know the one. It’s where you can go to see your crush liking other people’s pictures while ignoring your DM. It’s also where you go to see the astounding amount of likes dudes give to girls they will literally never speak to or have a chance with. Seriously, get it together. Or maybe that place where those two priests were liking… you know what, you get the picture.

The company has been testing this with a limited number of users, but the removal of the Following tab should start hitting us all in the coming days and weeks according to Buzzfeed News (and confirmed by Instagram).

Personally, I’m glad to see it go. At one point, it served as a great way to find new content to follow, but the Explore tab does that now and does a much better job of it. The Following tab has served very little purpose for quite a while now, so the move makes sense.

What do you think? Glad to see the Following tab leaving the platform? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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