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Instagram is abandoning its dedicated Shopping tab

Meta says this will improve in-app navigation on Instagram.

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Instagram is simplifying its in-app navigation with a change happening in February.

The most significant change is that the Instagram Shop tab will disappear from the navigation bar. The company says you’ll still be able to “set up and run your shop” as before.

The other change is that the Compose button (the “+” sign) is coming back to the center of the navigation bar. That reverts the 2020 change when Reels were launched and occupied the prime spot.

With Instagram saying that over 20% of time spent in the app is from watching Reels, it’s an odd choice.

Maybe the site is finally listening to its power users, who have been vocal about making “Instagram Instagram again.”

Looks like they won, with the Compose button going back where it should have been all along.

Instagram is simplifying its navigation bar

Instagram app navigation redesign for 2023 on a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Instagram has been trying to capitalize on the short-form video format popularized by TikTok. Reels was an unashamed copy when it launched, with 15-second clips for lip-syncing and other quick videos.

Earlier this year, the social media app changed how it handed video uploads. When uploaded, anything shorter than 15 minutes goes in the Reels feed.

For videos under 90 seconds, the platform recommends those to other users, as well. That’s very similar to how TikTok’s algorithm works. Instagram also added the ability to remix other users’ Reels.

Instagram isn’t the only Meta-owned property changing to compete with TikTok. Facebook is redesigning its feed to recommend content to other users.

Cross-posting Reels to both Instagram and Facebook appeared earlier this year, so short-form video isn’t going away any time soon.

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