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Instagram totally released a TikTok knock-off called Reels

Currently, it’s only available in Brazil.

Reels, a new feature from Instagram, gives its users a chance to create short, music-oriented videos.

The Reels tool can let its users create 15-second clips of them either lip-synching a famous song or creating a skit. Instagram users can also create dual videos with others in a way to make virtual duets. The videos can be shared on their profiles and with their friends. As of right now, it is only available to download in Brazil. Although, it can be expected that it will be available in other countries.

And it sounds familiar to another social media platform called TikTok. You may have seen a friend share a silly song or skit on the platform, or most likely, you’ve seen one of its cringe-worthy ads.

Reels is different from TikTok, but still too similar

TikTok is a ubiquitous viral music video platform. It has, according to Business of Apps over half-a-billion users worldwide, with 40M active within the United States. It has also been downloaded 68M times worldwide, making it one of the top downloaded apps globally.

TikTok is also, clearly, the major inspiration for Reels. Reels is not the first competitor to TikTok, as Facebook tried (keyword being tried) with its own quick music video tool called Lasso.  But, there has not been a true competitor. Which is strange, considering how popular it is.

Robby Stein, Instagram’s Director of Product Management, did not name TikTok as a vision behind Reels while speaking with TechCrunch. But rather about the common interest in music amongst Instagram users.

No two products are exactly the same, and at the end of the day sharing video with music is a pretty universal idea we think everyone might be interested in using. The focus has been on how to make this a unique format for us.

Sure, Rob. Never mind the fact that Reels and TikTok are essentially the same. And never mind the fact that they already copied Snapchat in an eerily similar way.

What do you think? Interested in seeing Reels come to a location near you? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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