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iPhone 15 Pro’s Thunderbolt 4 USB-C cable will cost you extra 

The box will ship with the USB 2.0 speed cable.

The black and purple electronic device functions.

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Apple’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have been long rumored to feature USB-C, even before the iPhone 14 officially launched.

With Apple’s next iPhone event on the horizon, we are getting more information about Apple’s switch from Lightning to USB-C.

Faster USB-C cable for the iPhone 15 Pro at an additional cost 

We recently reported that new USB-C cables are expected to be included in the iPhone 15 boxes, but the transfer speed for those cables will be limited to USB 2.0, even though they’ll be color-matched and braided.

Now, a new leak suggests Apple may offer iPhone 15 Pro owners an option to purchase a USB-C data transfer cable capable of Thunderbolt or USB4 speeds up to 40Gbps.

The claim comes from the leaker Kosutami, who posted the leak on Twitter, now X. The leaker claims the optional cable will be 0.8 meters and support charging up to 120W. 

This new cable could be a game-changer for Apple.

However, in the most Apple way possible, the cable will be sold separately despite the fact that iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (Ultra) are capable of reaching speeds beyond the included cable. 

We are already expecting a better charging speed from the new iPhone 15 series due to the switch from the Lightning port to USB-C.

So, in all likelihood, the charging speed of the new iPhone 15 will exceed the maximum 27W speed of the iPhone 14 Pro and could reach up to 35W

iPhone 15 Pro will get more expensive with faster charging speeds

iPhone 15 series is coming
Source: 9to5Mac

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are already rumored to be at least $100-$200 more expensive than their predecessors. With that kind of price hike, you would expect to get the best charging cable from Apple. But Apple has other plans. 

However you could argue that Apple took this decision because not all customers would need a powerful cable. However, a USB-C cable will already be in the box, so why not include the best cable to help users get the most out of the port? 

We are not surprised, though. We have seen Apple make a similar choice before, when fast charging was originally introduced back in 2017. 

Let’s not think too hard about it. There are only a few weeks to go for the iPhone 15 event. It is rumored to be on September 12 or 13, so we’ll soon see what will ship in the box with the new iPhone 15. 

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