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New iPhone 15 USB-C cables may not have any MFi restrictions

The vanilla iPhone 15 could be USB 2.0 only.

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Recently, images of Apple’s new USB-C to USB-C cable for iPhone 15 leaked online, which are also expected to be color-matched and braided. And now, Apple researcher Majin Bu has some more details regarding Apple’s new cables. 

Higher transfer speed only for the iPhone 15 Pro models?

According to the researcher, Apple’s new USB-C cable will be available with the iPhone 15 series, which will be 1.6 meters long. In contrast, the USB-C-to-Lightning cable Apple currently supplies with the iPhone 14 is 1-meter long. 

Majin Bu has also added that Apple will stick to USB 2.0 in terms of data transfer speeds for this cable, which is the same as the Lightning. The data transfer speed with the USB 2.0 is limited to 480Mbps. So, there is no faster data transmission speed with the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 series is coming
Source: 9to5Mac

However, Apple could equip the Pro models with higher data transfer speeds to distinguish between the Pro and non-Pro models. 

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s previous report, the data transfer speed will remarkably improve with the new Pro iPhones. He expects the iPhone 15 Pro variants will support at least USB-3.2 (20Gbps) or Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps).

Even ChargerLAB previously claimed the same when they leaked the USB-C connectors for the iPhone 15 series. So, there’s a high chance Apple will include different USB-C cables with the iPhone 15 Pro models. 

It’s unfortunate that the data transfer speed will likely stay the same with the standard iPhone models. However, Majin Bu has also shared that Apple’s new USB-C cables won’t have MFi (Made For iPhone) restrictions, which is a good news. 

The rest of the details will be clear when iPhone 15 is unveiled next month. In the meantime, stay tuned, as more details about the upcoming iPhones are likely to appear. 

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