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Is your smartphone rooted? Here’s all the benefits rooting brings to your smartphone  

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Rooting is the process of obtaining unlimited access to a smartphone. Rooting is widely applied by Android smartphone owners. Many users are eager to try every hidden feature of their smartphones and break the limits set by the manufacturer. Thus, they resort to rooting.

Rooting brings a lot of benefits. It allows a user to alter system settings and make an Android smartphone a “smarter” device. But what to do with the rooted phone?

Things may seem obvious, but many users still have no idea about how to root an android phone. This article is going to guide you through the list of incredible things to do with the rooted smartphone.

  • Install custom ROM.

Endless possibilities of rooting become apparent when one installs custom ROM. Android ROM doesn’t provide the set of options for the user. That’s why many users go for custom ROM. How to install custom ROM?

The process is simple. Download a custom ROM for your device. Be careful to choose the suitable version for your smartphone. Boot into recovery and select “install.” Your final step will be flashing the zip.

With the custom ROM, you will be able to update your phone to the newest version and increase the performance of your device.

  • Block obtrusive ads.

Ads are “intruders,” which always interrupt essential processes. No one likes them, and no one tolerates them. But with rooting, users can get rid of advertisements once and forever. It is not difficult to do.

Having obtained unlimited access to the phone, you can download and install AdBlock. The app won’t let the ads to pop up.

  • Free up space from pre-installed apps.

When you purchase an Android smartphone, it comes with a set of pre-installed apps. But many users don’t use them often. Manufacturers create set of apps, which seem versatile and useful for them. Though, users think vice versa.

Many unnecessary apps limit the productivity of the smartphone. The device gets slower. Thus, rooting is applied to customize the device and free up space from pre-installed apps.

The first thing you have to do is to root your phone. Install system app remover and navigate the list of pre-installed apps. Delete ones you don’t use and enjoy the free space and productivity of your phone.

  • Clone your Android ROM.

Bringing significant changes, you should ensure you won’t harm the entire system. Make sure to back up all the data. Rooting enables you to do full back up of the app settings, personal information, contacts and other content. Your default ROM will be cloned.

You can use Titanium Backup to save your data and system settings. The app requires root. Thus, if you get your phone rooted, you can install it within minutes.

This step isn’t only important for those who install the custom ROM. Everyone can benefit from backing up the whole data. You don’t know what can happen to your phone. And you obviously don’t want to lose your data.

  • Save your traffic with Firewall.

You may don’t notice it, but some apps access the Internet all the time. Working by default, they use a lot of your data.

With rooting, one can stop these apps from using traffic. You need to download Android Firewall+. The app enables you to control, which applications are allowed to use data networks.

Manage the apps on the Firewall+ menu. There you can block particular apps from using the traffic.

As you see, there are various options to customize your phone after the rooting is performed. You can try all the described above. The essential benefit of rooting is that it allows installing many apps, which require root to function. You can enjoy set of useful apps now!

With new apps, you can control the system processes better and increase the productivity of your smartphone several times.

Mia Johnson is an enthusiastic writer, who is passionate about modern technologies. Mia is good at creating engaging articles and posts for users of different generations. This successful woman finds time to discover new useful mobile apps and share her findings with all the curious users.

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