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It’s still going to suck trying to get an Xbox Series X or PS5 in 2022

Toshiba says shortages will last until at least next September.

Xbox series x and playstation 5 console
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UPDATE 1/9/2023 9:16 AM ET: PlayStation 5 availability has improved over the six months, but now Sony has stated that buyers should have an even easier time getting one in 2023. Dive deeper: Sony says getting a PS5 should be easier in 2023

Sony and Microsoft released their ninth-generation consoles late last year, and it has been terribly difficult to get your hands on one. The COVID pandemic combined with increased demand for components has led to incredibly high demand with a relatively low supply. And it looks like manufacturers aren’t catching up any time soon.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Toshiba, the supplier of the consoles’ main power-regulating chip, says that its shortages are likely to continue for the next year.

The shortage will likely go on for at least another 12 months, with the company’s director, Takeshi Kamebuchi, saying, “the supply of chips will remain very tight until at least September next year.”

Both material shortages and increased demand for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 are linked to the cause of this shortage, according to Kamebuchi. “Game console makers are among the customers making the strongest demands and I’m sincerely sorry for their frustration as none of them have a 100% satisfaction,” he says.

Of course, companies like Microsoft and Sony could look at other supply chains for the majority of components needed. However, in the case of these power-regulated chips, safety standards and certifications make Toshiba one of the best and only options for console manufacturers.

Toshiba has confirmed that it will be expanding its production of these power-regulating chips over the next few years to help meet the growing demand of the market. But the company’s expansion is taking place over the next three years, so it will likely still be some time before the supply of the console market finally catches up with demand.

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