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Game Boy games may be coming to a Nintendo Switch near you

Looks like the company could finally add to its retro gaming collection.

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Nintendo is a legend in the gaming space, bringing us consoles like the Nintendo 64 and the groundbreaking Game Boy handheld. Now, it looks like the company is going to merge some of the past with the present, and finally let users play Game Boy games on the company’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch.

In a recent podcast called “Nate the Hate,” known Nintendo insider NateDrake spilled some spicy beans on the future of retro gaming on the Switch.

As of right now, you can already play over 100 NES and SNES titles on your Switch using Nintendo’s integrated emulator and Nintendo Switch Online. An emulator essentially allows the Switch to pretend that it is an NES or SNES console, but it looks like the company isn’t stopping with those consoles.

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Back in 2019, a data miner was able to analyze the coding of a Nintendo Switch to find a total of four different emulators. The first two, called Kachikachi and Canoe, are for the NES and SNES games on the platform.

That leaves two more unknown emulators, and NateDrake believes that one of them is for Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. These claims were supported by Nintendo Life, which says its own sources have confirmed Game Boy and Game Boy Color games were coming to the Nintendo Switch “really soon.”

It seems pretty odd that Nintendo hasn’t brought more retro games, like Game Boy and Game Boy Color, to the Switch. The NES and SNES games have been available for years now, and it looks like the technology is already in place to add more.

Whatever the reasoning, it will be cool to be able to play some of the classic handheld games that we grew up on on our newer handheld console.

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