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A YouTuber did what Nintendo apparently couldn’t and finally fixed Joy-Con drift

Turns out all you need is a small piece of paper to fix Joy-Con drift permanently.

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It’s been more than four years since the initial release of the Nintendo Switch. In that time, the Switch has become Nintendo’s best-selling console. Despite this fact, the company has still not addressed the issue of Joy-Con drift that has been plaguing the console’s controllers since its release.

Joy-Con drift refers to the degradation of the Nintendo Switch controller that leads to inaccurate inputs from the controller’s joystick. Since Nintendo hasn’t been proactive in dealing with this issue, that leaves users to figure out their own fix for this constant issue. One YouTuber, who goes by the name ‘Victorstk,’ claims to have found a permanent solution for the problem that has been plaguing Switch owners for years.

While we don’t know exactly what causes the Joy-Con drift in Nintendo Switch controllers, most people generally believe the cause can be linked to a build-up of dust and dirt inside the mechanism. Taking controllers apart and cleaning them has been rumored to work, though it has never been a permanent solution.

Fortunately, Victorstk has found a seemingly permanent fix to this ongoing problem. By simply removing the outer casing of the controller and placing a small piece of paper on top of the Joy-Con contact, they claim to have fixed their controller’s Joy-Con drift permanently. A YouTuber did with a piece of paper what Nintendo, a multi-billion dollar company, couldn’t do in four years.

While it is amazing that all it took to fix Joy-Con drift is a small piece of paper, this is obviously a homemade fix that probably won’t help Nintendo in its mission (or lack thereof) to fix Joy-Con drift. Still, if you’re a frustrated Switch owner looking to permanently fix that annoying drift, it may be worth your time to give this option a try.

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