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John Oliver hilariously breaks down cryptocurrency in his latest piece


John Oliver is known for his explanations on confusing topics like net neutrality and Brexit. Oliver does an excellent job breaking down topics so the “common man” can understand them, and shed light on these issues.

Oliver’s attention is now on the internet’s latest craze, cryptocurrency. As always, in his 25-minute piece, he breaks down the complex crypto-market, how it’s popularity boomed, and crypto-terms.

Brilliantly, he uses Beanie Babies, chicken nuggets, and a rap song to break down the seemingly-new budding industry. With the help of Keegan-Michael Key, we learn what it means to HODL and when we should expect the market to moon.

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If you are looking for an introductory lesson into cryptocurrency and want to learn about it, catch his video above or by clicking this link.

After watching the video, do you think Oliver is right or wrong? Let us know what you’re thinking down below. 

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