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Just Cause 4 adds extreme weather conditions and the new tornado looks wild

To be fair, I’m just excited to launch some more cows with the boosters.

Just Cause 4, developed by Avalanche Studios, is set to hit the scene this December, and today we’ve gotten some new footage to whet our appetites for the upcoming title.

The Just Cause series is full of big moments, and thanks to a variety of tools like the grappling hook and wingsuit, it allows for gamers to have a lot of fun with different situations. The newest entry of the series promises even more tools, as well as the implementation of extreme weather that is sure to make for some insane scenarios. They’ve even added a storm chasing truck, so you can get up close and personal with nature.

In addition to destructive weather, Rico Rodriguez has also added a bunch of new tools to his gadget belt. You can check out the video above for a more in-depth look, but expect new functionality to your wingsuit through wind currents, and your grappling hook can now be used in a variety of new ways.

just cause 4 gameplay tornado

Image: Just Cause 4

One update will allow you to use the grappling hook to attach air lifters and boosters from a distance. These air lifters have also seen some updates, including the ability to remotely disable all balloons. The video goes on to show Rico using his variety of tools to create a makeshift zeppelin out of a shipping container, boosters, and air lifters.

Further into the video, you see actual gameplay of a tornado ripping through buildings, cars, and people, and honestly, you should just watch the trailer to see how awesome it is. The video notes that everything is rendered in real-time, thanks to Just Cause 4’s new engine.

Just Cause 4 releases December 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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