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Latest Pixel Watch 2 leak leaves nothing to the imagination

Your average Google Pixel product leak.

Google Pixel Watch 2 in Black

Google seems to have lost control, and leaks are spilling the beans on everything slated to be unveiled at the October 4 event

The latest leak comes with a plethora of new information about the Google Pixel Watch 2 that almost reveals everything about the company’s second-generation smartwatch. 

As usual, the latest information comes from the leaker Kamila Wojciechowska in collaboration with the Indian news outlet 91mobiles.

This duo seems to have taken the liberty of revealing everything about the Pixel 8 series and the Pixel Watch 2, which doesn’t bother us in the slightest. 

The duo has claimed to have obtained official Google documents containing all the new Pixel Watch 2 features. In addition, they have leaked a marketing video highlighting all the new capabilities. 

New Google Pixel Watch 2 features 

First of all, the second-generation Pixel Watch would have the same design with an all-aluminum build. However, it will have a slightly redesigned back due to the new sensors. 

Regarding the sensors, the previously rumored skin temperature sensor is confirmed for the Pixel Watch 2. But a tiny disclaimer text at the bottom of the video suggests it may not be available in all countries.

Google also has reportedly upgraded the safety features on the Pixel Watch 2. Now, it packs a safety option like the Pixel phones. 

In addition to the safety features, the Watch 2 is also packing stress tracking, confirmed by Google’s own teaser video. 

There’s also a cEDA sensor to power Fitbit’s stress management system. So, if and when the watch detects stress, it will instruct the users to log their current mood and suggest improving it. 

The heart rate tracking is also improving on the Pixel Watch 2 due to Fitbit’s multi-path heart rate sensor, which is more accurate than the current sensor.

Also, the Watch 2 will detect seven workouts, including running and cycling, and there’s a new pace-tracking feature.

Lastly, the Pixel Watch 2’s battery is said to be comparable to the original Pixel Watch. So, expect 24 hours of battery life with AOD. A full charge will likely take about 75 minutes.

Pixel Watch 2 colors, price and availability 

In terms of the colorways, the Bay, Obsidian, Hazel, and Porcelain should be available at the launch. Google may also launch new Metal Slim and Active Sport bands for the Pixel Watch 2.

According to the leaker Roland Quandt, the Pixel Watch 2 will launch at £349 in the UK. Last year’s model was launched at  £339. So, it’s a minor bump. We don’t have any information about the US pricing. 

Lastly, Google is reportedly adding India to the list of countries getting the new Pixel Watch. The original Pixel Watch wasn’t launched in the country. 

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