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LiveLeak finally shutters itself after 15 years of uncensored gore

Good riddance.

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Image: KnowTechie

In the fifteen years since its inception, video sharing site LiveLeak gained a notorious reputation as the everything-goes-including-brutality site for hosting videos that the rest of the internet rightly bans. Now the site has been figuratively beheaded, living on only in our scarred memories.

Let’s not forget that LiveLeak had Saddam Hussein’s execution a few clicks away on the internet at all times. Or the beheading of journalist James Foley. Or thousands and thousands of worse videos that didn’t have names associated with them so we don’t remember who they were. Let’s have a moment of silence, not for LiveLeak and its fucked-up founders, but for every one of the victims in the content that it hosted.

Now their devs are moving on to other projects, much like when they started LiveLeak in the first place after their previous endeavors came to a close. The new site, Itemfix, is pretty much LiveLeak without the gore that made LiveLeak so notorious.


Only time will tell if the internet still has a place for badly-shot videos of comedy skits, near-misses, and all of the reaction videos that Itemfix seems to be comprised of. The content policy for the new site prohibits gore, excessive violence, promotion of your OnlyFans, and many other types of objectional content.

Itemfix only has seven pages of short videos currently, so it’s probably easy to moderate. We’ll have to see how the rules get enforced once people realize they can’t upload to LiveLeak anymore. My guess? It’s the same team working on the site so unless they’ve really had a change of heart, it’ll be filled with gore in no time.

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