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T-Mobile is un-bundling its own TVision streaming service in favor of YouTube TV

This was a smart move from the company.

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T-Mobile’s TVision live service is coming to an end next month. Instead, T-Mobile is partnering up with YouTube TV for its premium streaming service, and Philo for its basic live TV service. T-Mobile customers will get a $10 discount on YouTube TV, as well as a month of free service.

In a blog post outlining the upcoming changes, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert spun this as a win for customers, which might actually be true. I mean, the streaming market is fragmented, and really doesn’t need more individual services in the mix. It’s probably better for T-Mobile to partner with established players instead of trying to fight for licensing rights against them.

YouTube TV is a big upgrade to TVision Live TV+, with double the channels and unlimited cloud DVR use, with T-Mobile limiting DVR use to 100 hours of programming. Philo also brings more than twice the channel count of the outgoing TVision VIBE service.

Existing T-Mobile subscribers that already have a YouTube TV subscription can get the $10 monthly discount by discontinuing service, then signing back up with a coupon code.

T-Mobile’s partnership with Google doesn’t stop at YouTube TV. The Un-carrier will also be expanding the number of Pixel and other Android devices that it will carry in stores. Those phones will also use Messages as the default messaging app, expanding the capabilities of Rich Communication Services (RCS) to more handsets.

The existing TVision Live, Live + and Live Zone services will be phased out starting April 29.

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