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T-Mobile’s new unlimited 5G plan is actually unlimited

The new plan is called Magenta MAX.

T-mobile new prepaid plan discount
Image: WhistleOut

After years of unlimited plans that were anything but, T-Mobile is bringing back unlimited, non-throttled data for the 5G era with Magenta MAX. That’s the “first and only 5G consumer smartphone plan that can’t slow you down based on how much data you use,” according to the wireless carrier.

See, most unlimited plans suffer from what’s known as deprioritization, so once you get past a certain amount of downloaded data, your download speeds get reduced until the next billing cycle. Magenta MAX from T-Mobile appears to have no such throttle, and also doesn’t limit video streaming like Netflix to SD, so you can stream 4K UHD all day, every day.

T-mobile magenta max plan
Image: T-Mobile

Both single-line plans and family plans get free Netflix, so you don’t even pay for the content you’ll be binge-watching. I’m not sure who’s actually flying right now, but you’ll get unlimited Gogo in-flight texting and WiFi when you do. The only limited thing I can spot? You get 40GB of high-speed hotspot data, after which it drops down to 3G speeds (albeit at unlimited data).

Magenta MAX is $57 a line if you have three lines on your account, or $47 if you switch before the intro pricing ends. If you only need one line, you’ll pay $85 if you’ve got autopay set up. That’s including monthly fees and taxes, so what you see is what you’re paying.

T-Mobile will even help you pay your way out of another contract, with it’s Zero Cost to Switch deal that pays up to $650 per line on eligible phones. I’m sure there’s some fine print somewhere that might put a small ding in this plan, but from what we can see it’s a stellar deal.

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