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London Police are setting up live facial recognition cameras and people are not happy about it

Tourist areas will be heavily monitored.

facial recognition cameras monitoring surveillance
Image: Unsplash

London is already the most camera-crazy city outside of China, but now some of those cameras will be running facial recognition software as well. If you’re on one of the many “bespoke” watch lists held by the Metropolitan Police (the Met), cameras in tourist-heavy areas will be looking out for you.

They’ve been trialing the system for some time now, but the Met will be expanding the system, making facial recognition the new normal for Londoners.

London will soon have live facial recognition cameras tracking your every move

If you’re in a tourist hotspot area in London in the near future, just know that the CCTV is also using facial recognition to scan for watchlisted people. Lovely, a slice of civil liberty impingement to go along with my sight-seeing.

  • The Met says the facial recognition system has resulted in “70 percent of those wanted being picked up.” Independent reviews showed a much lower number, with eight out of 42 verified as correct
  • Areas such as the West End and Stratford’s Westfield shopping center are the first to get the new system
  • Police officers will approach those people flagged by the system to confirm their identity before arrest
  • The Met already have daily briefings to its officers for those suspects they should be looking out for

With other cities such as San Francisco banning the use of facial recognition technology by local government, it seems London has taken the other option. Whether it’ll have much impact on crime in one of the most-watched cities in the world remains to be seen.

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