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Updated: Meta to launch a limited desktop Threads app

Your desktop PC is going to get a Threads app

meta threads desktop app on a purple background

UPDATE: 8/24/2023: Threads for desktop is now live. As our reporting mentions below, functionality is limited but at least this is better than nothing. Original reporting follows below.

Bust out those mouse pads, folks, because the glory days are back. Meta is finally rolling out a web-based Threads app that does more than just serve as a glorified profile viewer.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, spokesperson Christine Pai says we’ll be able to post, interact with posts, and even scroll through our own feed.

It’s like we’ve been transported to a future where web apps actually do stuff. One where companies remember some people prefer using their computers over mobile devices.

But let’s not forget who we’re dealing with here.

‘Actual’ footage of Zuck building the web version of the Threads app

Okay, before we go any further, that’s blatantly Zuck coding in his dorm room. Unless he really lives like that now he’s filthy rich. We’re not judging either way.

But back to the point, this is Meta, the company that gives with one hand and takes with the other.

So yes, while we’re getting a more functional web app, it’s still not on par with the mobile version.

Want to edit your profile or slide a post into Instagram DMs? Sorry, you’ll need your phone for that.

Remember when the Threads app burst onto the scene, amassing 100 million users in a blink? Well, like a fading star, it seems that usage might be on the decline.

We should give Meta a little credit here, as they’re rolling out updates to the Threads app much faster than its other social sites.

Remember how long it took to get basic posting ability for Instagram? Yeah, that took until 2021, nine years after Meta bought them.

But who knows, maybe this web app upgrade will be the boost Threads needs to shine brightly once again.

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