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Threads is rolling out its new “Edit” button (and for free!)

The feature is time-limited, but Meta won’t charge you like X (Twitter) does.

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Meta launched its Twitter clone, Threads, a few months ago. While the initial hype boosted its followership to new heights, the app has had its fair share of struggles since then. 

Since then, Meta has been adding new features to improve Threads’s user experience. Recently, Meta even launched a desktop version of the app to attract PC users, although the functionality of the desktop app is fairly limited. 

Now, Meta has added a new “Edit” button, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday. The Edit button was one of the most requested features and is currently rolling out, and for free, unlike on X, a.k.a. Twitter. 

Threads’s new Edit button is great but has a strict time limit 

According to the announcement, Threads has already started rolling out the new feature. This new option allows users to edit a post for a brief period after the post goes live. 

While it’s an interesting and useful feature, there’s a time limit. The post is available to all the edits only for the first five minutes. The new Edit functionality is already available for the mobile app, with some users seeing it on the web version.

Threads is Rolling Out New Edit Button Functionality
Image: 9to5Google

While this new “Edit” button functionality is free, it is more limited compared to what we have on X (formerly Twitter), given the time limit. 

Threads also don’t show a history of edited posts but rather an indicator of whether or not a post has been edited, making it less obvious. 

There’s also a new Voice Threads feature

The New Voice Threads Functionality Demo
Image: KnowTechie

In addition, Meta’s Twitter clone is also rolling out a new “Voice Threads” feature. It enables users to attach an audio clip to their posts. 

While Senior Editor of The Verge, Tom Warren, demonstrated the new feature, it doesn’t appear to be available widely, at least on Android. 

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