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Meta finds new ways for influencers to annoy us

Instagram’s new AI Studio feature allows creators to build AI chatbot versions of themselves, which can answer questions and engage on just about anything.


Instagram’s new AI Studio feature lets creators build AI chatbot versions of themselves. Because who doesn’t want to discuss protein powder with an AI pretending to be a fitness model?

The tool is currently in early testing in the US. These AI chatbots will be clearly labeled so you’ll know when you’re interacting with a bot.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared examples of how these chatbots can answer questions and engage in conversations. It’s early days, but the goal is to let creators and, eventually, small businesses build AIs representing themselves for a more dynamic experience. Think personalized AI butlers minus the butlers.

The possibilities are endless: AI celebrities, AI life coaches, even AI pirates. But as with any AI feature, there are concerns about accuracy and Meta’s ability to prevent these chatbots from going off the rails. The company includes notices about potential inaccuracies, which is reassuring?

As Instagram expands this feature, it’ll be interesting to see how creators and users respond. Will it change influencer marketing, or just be another way to sell stuff?

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While the technology is undoubtedly impressive, it raises questions about the future of influencer marketing and online discourse.

On one hand, AI chatbots could make interactions with our favorite creators more accessible and personalized. On the other hand, it opens the door to new forms of automated advertising and potential misinformation.

As the platform expands this feature, it’ll be crucial for Meta to implement robust safeguards to ensure these AI chatbots enrich the user experience rather than detract from it. Otherwise, we might find ourselves yearning for the good old days of traditional sponsored posts.

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