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Microwear’s X2 smartband is the toughest outdoor gear you’ll ever have

Waterproof, rounded HD display, numerous dials, and multi-language support.

microwear x2
Image: Microwear

Microwear just launched its first-ever smart band, the Microwear X2. It is breathtaking in its appearance and highly efficient as compared to many rival brands. With a unique design and robust performance, the X2 is designed to last 180 days on standby, which is the highest of all smart bands that have come and gone in the last few years.

Furthermore, Microwear is known for its IP68 waterproof technology, which it incorporates in X2 as well. So, you could wear it while swimming, showering, or even in the rain. You don’t need to take it off.

Key attributes

Besides its amazing waterproofing technology, it also supports heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure monitoring at any time and anywhere to avoid cardiovascular diseases. It has built-in exercise patterns that assist with keeping you aligned with your physical training schedule. Sleep monitor records the quality of your sleep. The Sedentary reminder tells you to get up and stretch your legs if you’ve been sitting for too long.

Microwear x2

Image: Microwear

Although it is a smart band, you can still receive phone call reminders, attend to messages left on your social media accounts. You cannot reply directly using the smart band but you would know who has left you a message, by easily pairing it with an iOS or Android smartphone.

There’s also a remote camera functionality that you can use along with the smartphone. Microwear X2 also has an extended support for languages spoken in 170 countries and regions.


The X2 has a 480 mAh battery that offers 180-day standby time on a complete 2-hour charging time that allows you to utilize more than one function, from the pedometer to sleep monitor to any physical activity such as cycling, basketball, swimming, ping pong, climbing, football, etc.

Special feature

There’s a sex motion monitor as well that gives you ratings based on the time, calorie count, and heart rate. Maybe this is what you need to improve the sex life?


Image: Microwear

The X2 smart band has a towering resolution of 240*240 providing 25ppi clarity (highest in the world) and sharpness. The construction employs 2.5D Sapphire mirror, aviation grade material with nano-injection molding, and edible grade silicone with injection molding on the strap. You might see fingerprint stains on the watch but that’s easily cleaned with a slight wet cloth or a tissue paper.

Special offer

With every smart band that you buy, you get 2 selfdom watch bands so that you can change them as per your mood. Also, the dials can be easily altered from a wide array of selection fed right into the smart band.

Since X2 was designed not only for the young but also for the activity lovers, you could own it from Ali Express for only $31.

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