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More Steam games might be coming to consoles according to Valve’s CEO

We’ll know more “by the end of the year.”

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The CEO of Valve, the company behind the majorly popular PC game store Steam, Gabe Newell has hinted at the possibility of bringing Steam, or previously PC exclusive Steam games, to consoles. Gabe said that we will know more “by the end of the year.”

This news comes from a talk that the CEO had at Sancta Maria College in New Zealand, where he has been living for the past year. Gabe was there to speak with the college’s digital studies students, and one student asked if we would see any Steam games ported to consoles.

Gabe replied, saying “You will have a better idea of that by the end of this year,” followed by something along the lines of “it won’t be the answer you’d expect.”

Obviously, this is a very vague answer from Gabe. There is no real confirmation or denial of Steam games being ported over to console. In fact, Valve has been known to put its game out for consoles in the past. The massively popular Portal series is available on console, and The Orange Box, which included several games from Valve, was also developed for consoles.

Some people are even thinking that we could see the Steam storefront coming to consoles. The major consoles tend to utilize their own stores, so this idea doesn’t seem as likely. But the gaming landscape is definitely evolving, and I could be wrong here.

I think the most likely meaning here is that Valve will be porting some of the Steam games that were previously only available on PC. Most notably, I think we will be looking at the release of Half-Life: Alyx released for PlayStation’s VR headset. But I guess we’ll know more for sure by the end of this year.

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