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MSCHF’s Cignature Films takes on smoking in TV and film with its arsenal of animated kazoos

Can I bum a kazoo?

Mad men stars replacing cigarettes with kazoos
Image: Cignature Films

Some days I wake up, scratch the sleep from my body with animalistic integrity and amble over to the internet to see what madness has landed in my inbox. Well, that’s most days. Today, you get to share in the ridiculous, the inane though purposeful intent and naturally, cigarettes and kazoos.

So today we have Cignature Films, whose mission it is to remove the influence of cigarettes through Hollywood movies and television, and replace them with kazoos. You see, apparently, studies show that a lot of film depicts people smoking (because that’s a thing a lot of American’s did do frequently for a long time) and as a result of that, kids end up smoking. So starting with Mad Men, Cignature Films is replacing all the cigarettes on screen with kazoos. Kazoos that are still expelling smoke mind you.

The YouTube embed trailer for Cignature Films Mad Men episode was going to be embedded here, but that content was copyright blocked by Lionsgate. So instead, you can head over to the landing page for the entire episode and check out the steaming kazoo action for yourself. It’s weird, but delightful at the same time. Like a wet banana in your pocket.

Cignature Films is, of course, a venture created by MSCHF Internet Studios, the advertising company behind such cheeky app-based ad campaigns such as the Couch Potato app, ToDon’t App, LunchblockerDos Toros’ Burrito Time AppTimes Newer Roman and the Alexa skill Away Mode app. I keep writing about its apps because they are both dumb and somewhat useful, like a sandwich wrapped in barbed wire.

Internet for the…internet?

MSCHF likes to say it makes internet for the internet, which is like me saying I type words for the sake of words existing, but that might be true. It’s some strange circular world of both infotainment and functionality of form, landing with a resounding slap of your fleshy bits.

As per its latest endeavor, “We create ‘internet’ to make statements about the world we live in, in ways that tens of millions of people have already experienced online. This time around, we decided to take on smoking,” says Daniel Greenberg of MSCHF Internet Studios. “By replacing all instances of cigarettes with kazoos, we highlight just how ridiculously pervasive cigarettes are in popular media… which we usually completely glance over.”

After Mad Men, Cignature Films plans to swap smokes for kazoos in Fight Club, Stranger Things, and The Godfather. I don’t know if this will change anything, I don’t think so. It’s too damn silly. Kazoos were hilarious for about 15 seconds in the late 1950s. Now, they are used for making bongs. However, its still somewhat amusing to see them used in place of cigarettes, even if the work of digital replacement might be a mad lesson in futility.

Would you stop smoking and take up the kazoo? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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