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New Borderlands 3 update adds a new Mayhem system and limited-time event

Back to the grind.

borderlands 3 cartel event
Image: Gearbox

If you’ve mastered the toughest content of Borderlands 3 and have been taking a break from the title, now may be the time to start looking at coming back. Officially announced this week, Gearbox is dropping a rather big update for the title tomorrow, April 23. It includes changes to the current Mayhem system, as well as the start of a new limited-time event.

Currently, Borderlands 3 has four Mayhem levels which help make up the end-game content of the title. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty (and additional game modifier) but rewards players with increased loot drops. The new system, called Mayhem 2.0, takes the four current Mayhem levels and changes it to ten. That said, new Mayhem 4 will most likely not be equivalent to the new Mayhem level 4.

As mentioned, modifiers currently play a somewhat “meh” role in BL3 end-game content, but the new system not only introduces 25 new modifiers with ratings from “Easy” to “Very hard” but makes different mayhem levels have a varying amount of these modifiers. The higher you go, the harder the modifiers. These Mayhem levels also have more importance than the previous system, with higher levels dropping better loot, according to Gearbox. It’s not clear exactly what this means, but Gearbox that the “quality” of weapons are better the higher you go.

There will also be new Legendary guns that drop at Mayhem 6 and higher, making it worth the effort to grind to higher levels.

Revenge of the Cartels event

borderlands 3 mayhem update

Image: Gearbox

In addition to an entirely new Mayhem system, Gearbox is also dropping a limited-time event on us at the same time. Called Revenge of the Cartels, it will take place from April 23 to June 4.

It adds three new enemy types (cartel factions), weapons, and more. It will work like this: while you are out adventuring, you may encounter one of these new enemy types. Killing them will trigger a wave of similar enemies and possibly a Cartel Boss. Kill enough of these Cartel bosses and you’ll gain access to a new area called Villa Ultraviolet. Once in Villa Ultraviolet, you’ll be faced with more of the same enemy type, with each faction having its own legendary weapon pool.

Also included in the event are limited-time challenges that upon completion reward players with new cosmetics for their Vault Hunters.

Overall, this is a rather large update for Borderlands 3, so if you’ve been looking for an excuse to dive in, this is about as good as any.

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