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New Google campaign tries to bully Apple into adopting RCS

This is not the first time Google is battling Apple over RCS.

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The Google-Apple beef over RCS is far from over. In a recent targeted “Get The Message” campaign, Google is going all out trying to bully Apple into adopting the RCS standard.

Titled “It’s time for Apple to fix texting,” Google listed its frustrations with Apple and created a #GetTheMessage hashtag to try to force the latter’s hand.

The main point of contention, according to Google, is Apple’s refusal to shift away from the outdated SMS and MMS standards to the more modern RCS protocol.

Google’s Get The Message campaign

According to Google, “It’s not about the color of the bubbles. It’s the blurry videos, broken group chats, missing read receipts and typing indicators, no texting over Wi-Fi, and more.”

Google goes on to say, “These problems exist because Apple refuses to adopt modern texting standards when people with iPhones and Android phones text each other.”

The tech giant included several call-to-action buttons encouraging people to help Apple get the message. It also went into great detail giving reasons why Apple needs to budge.

There’s also a dedicated FAQ page that closes with Google reiterating that iPhone users cannot use RCS on their phones, and urging them again to help Apple get the message.

But, will Apple get the message?

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Image: KnowTechie

Apple launched the iMessage feature in 2011 for the iPhone 5. Since then, it has been a staple on the iPhone.

By preventing other platforms from using iMessage and refusing to use RCS technology, the tech giant is deliberately locking in its users.

Will Apple get the message if enough iPhone users push the message? Only time will tell.

The battle over RCS adoption

This is not the first time Google is battling Apple over RCS. Earlier in January, Google again attacked Apple over its famed reluctance.

Google started rolling out RCS support for Android in 2019 but has failed to get Apple to do the same with iPhones.

This has no doubt affected cross-platform messaging between the world’s largest mobile operating systems as users bear the brunt.

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