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New Netflix scam emails has users tricked

Fake email has caught a lot of phish.


A lot of scam emails you get are obvious, hinting at an inheritance of millions or a free year-long subscription to a cruise line are just a few bogus examples. Technology changes, and so do scammers’ approaches to getting your identity and bank information. With a break of concentration, you can fall for this email. Australian web and email security firm, MailGuard, found a new scam email that has been pushed out today that looks damn near similar.

If the email drops in your inbox, the subject line will read “Your suspension notification.” The scammers are trying to make people believe that there is a billing error with their Netflix subscription, notifying the unsuspecting user that they have to renew. Attached is a note stating you have 48 hours to renew before your account will be suspended. With over 109 million active Netflix subscriptions, the odds of people falling for this is greater than none.

Netflix email scam

Image: Digital Trends

Of course, it’s all BS. Once you click on the link, it leads to a fake site where it asks you to put in your name, credit card information, and other information you definitely don’t want in the hands of stranger danger.

Be sure to check all emails coming into your inbox to see if they are authentic. If one slips through, be sure to click the “ignore sender” or “spam” option, whatever your email provider has labeled the option. If you aren’t sure, you can click on the sender name to see the full email address along with the top-level domain that comes after the final dot. Some providers show the actual address as well.

If you aren’t sure, log into the service you are wary about, from a new homepage. You can also contact the company directly to find out if the email is authentic. Netflix sends out emails all the time, so just double check.

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