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A new rewind feature is coming to Nintendo Switch Online titles to keep you from rage quitting

Yeah, I’ll definitely be using this feature.

Nintendo switch online rewind feature
Image: Nintendo

Old-school games, like many of those found through Nintendo Switch Online, were brutal. Difficulty levels were high and saves were all but non-existent.

When emulators started making their rounds, one of the best features was the ability to create save states anywhere (which you can do on through Switch Online, as well), allowing you to replay especially difficult parts without having to restart a level (or game).

Now, a similar feature is coming to Nintendo Switch Online titles on July 17, which will let you rewind and try a portion of a level again.

A new rewind feature is coming to Nintendo Switch Online, here’s what to know

If you like playing some of the retro titles available through Switch Online, but hate how punishing the experience can be, then this feature is for you.

The video doesn’t do a great job of conveying how the feature actually works and if you can trigger it at any time, but considering the prompt at the bottom (Hold zL + zR to rewind), it’s quite possible you can use the feature at your own leisure.

It also doesn’t state how far you can go back, but as long as you can go back 15-20 seconds, I don’t foresee many issues popping up.

The rewind feature is a small one, but it is good to see Nintendo continuing to add features to its retro portion of the service.

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