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A gamer has joined the 2020 presidential race because, sure, why not

He’s more qualified than Marianne Williamson, at the very least.

ace watkins gamer president
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Things are going great here in America, politically speaking. Our current president is a former reality show host who ran on a platform straight out of a South Park episode. Our current crop of candidates to defeat him include a whos-who of milquetoast senators, a former Veep/current creep, and an author attempting to harness “the power of love.”

My point is, why *shouldn’t* a gamer enter the fray? A gamer like, say, Ace Watkins?

I mean, sure, Watkins might look like a 16-year-old who accidentally wandered onto the set of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video. He might not even be a real gamer, and the fact that his whole campaign is being backed by Hard Drive, a satirical website/magazine focused on gaming journalism, argues that maybe this whole thing is a farce.

But all that said, is Watkins really any less qualified than our current POTUS? Just look at the video he dropped last night to announce his candidacy. Listen to his impassioned rallying cry:

We need a president who can no-scope headshot the issues that divide us. That’s why I’m calling on gamers of all stripes, PC and console, elite and casual, free-to-play and battlepass, real and mobile, to join me on my quest to patch our broken political system.

The man’s calling for unity, people! How often do we hear that in the gaming community, let alone in our political one?

Other Watkins 2020 policies include:

On Healthcare:

On Foreign Policy:

On the 1%:

On Literacy:

Welp, you got my vote, Ace.

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