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Now anyone can play Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service on PC and iOS

The service was previously in an invite-only beta period.

xbox cloud gaming service on a smartphone that is attached to a controller
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Microsoft is going all-in on xCloud, the cloud gaming service that comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Now, the game streaming service is available on most devices, including Android, and now PC, iOS, and macOS.

The service has been available on Android phones for a while now, but it was in an invite-only beta period for other devices that started in mid-April. Now, the service has exited that beta, and xCloud can now be accessed by anyone across any of these devices.

The service can be accessed by heading over to xbox.com/play and signing in with your Microsoft account. From there, you just need to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you will be good to go with xCloud game streaming.

For now, the service is only available through a web browser (except for on Android, where you can download the Game Pass app and play from there), but it looks like that will change for Windows users with the upcoming Windows 11 update. Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 11 will have xCloud built directly into the integrated Xbox Game Pass app.

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As for Apple, I wouldn’t expect to see an app coming to iOS anytime soon. Apple’s rules surrounding the App Store would make it nearly impossible for xCloud to succeed as an app. Until those rules are changed (which could happen as part of the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit that is ongoing), it looks like you’ll have to use a browser for xCloud on iOS.

Even with these limitations, this is still some very exciting news. Xbox Game Pass has been revolutionizing gaming over the past couple of years, and it looks like xCloud is finally beginning to help with that. It will be interesting to see where cloud gaming goes from here.

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