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Is OnePlus revamping the design of the OnePlus 2?

Sources close to the matter are claiming that OnePlus is revamping the look and feel of their new OnePlus 2 smartphone.

As OnePlus ramps up their development for their next flagship phone, rumored to be called the OnePlus 2, news and leaks surrounding the device regarding its look and feel are already making their way onto the internet.

Back in September, OnePlus confirmed they were making a new phone during an “Ask Me Anything” discussion on Reddit, but no official plans or details were offered, but details have continued to emerge since that time. According to a report today from Business Insider, the next OnePlus phone will likely utilize a metal frame, as opposed to the polycarbonate back used in the first OnePlus One, giving the phone a more premium, solid feel.

Since they’re beefing up the hardware, you can probably kiss that $300 price tag goodbye. Take this news with a grain of salt, however, because the company did not make these claims. According to Business Insider’s source, “these plans haven’t been finalized just yet.”

Even if OnePlus decides to raise the prices of their phones, chances are they will still cheaper than most of the off-contract, smart phones currently on the market.

One thing is for certain, OnePlus has a great track record with its users not just because of it’s great price, but because it’s honestly one of the best Android phones on the market. Check out my review here.

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