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Overwatch is getting a new map and Blizzard just dropped a new D.Va animated short

Watch the video. Seriously.

One of the things that makes Overwatch so endearing is how it gives life to its characters through the use of comics and animated shorts that give us greater insights to the characters we know and love. Such is the case with this latest animated short from Blizzard giving us greater insight to Doritos-eating-Mountain Dew-drinking mech suit pilot we all know and love, D.Va.

You can check out the video, called “Shooting Star,” above, but as someone who has been playing the game on-and-off since its release, real chills were had during this video. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the game, as it shows a more real side of D.Va, her ultimate ability, and like all of these videos, adds more backstory and lore to the world of Overwatch.

In other Overwatch news, a new map is now available on the PTR and it is a control map called Busan. Three different territories will be present in this map: Downtown, Sanctuary, and the MEKA base. Downtown is styled as a retail, metro area, while the MEKA base is more polished and shiny, and Sanctuary looks to be an ancient temple of sorts. You can check out the video for Busan below.

While I haven’t had the chance to try the new map, the styling alone makes me want to hop in and play a few rounds. Let’s hope it plays as well as it looks.

What do you think about D.Va’s animated short and the new Busan map? Let us know in the comments below.

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