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For some reason, Panasonic has released a device that deodorizes your shoes

Odor-eating ions air away yo’ stank.

panasonic shoe deodorizer
Image: Panasonic

Who got the funk? You got the funk – probably in those sneakers you haven’t washed all year. That toe cheese scent is most likely due to a particular bacteria from your skin that feeds on sweat, producing a compound called isovaleric acid. There’s a multitude of ways to mask/clean/avoid this, but now there’s a newer, high-tech way, thanks to Panasonic.

The MS-DS100 shoe deodorizer fits into a pair of shoes and generates ion particles containing hydroxyl radicals that air out the footwear from heel to toe. Panasonic calls these ions “nanoe X.”

nanoe-x ions

Image: Panasonic

We’ll have to wait in the West though, as the MS-DS100 will be Japan-only when it releases on September 20th.

It takes five hours to rid your kicks of stank on normal mode, and there’s a longer, 7-hour deep-clean mode for those stubborn odors. Panasonic recommends leaving the MS-DS100 running overnight so the shoes smell showroom-clean in the morning.

It also has an integrated battery for use away from a wall outlet (I mean who has a socket in their shoe cupboard? (who has a shoe cupboard? – Ed.)). Panasonic claims that either operating mode uses less than ¥1 per cycle (about 1c). No price information yet, again it will be a Japan-only release when available.

For once this is a crazy invention that I wish will release over here, especially with all the knit-footwear, there’s a dire need.

Would you buy this? How much would you be willing to spend on it? Let us know below.

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