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Peek your eyes at the all new Samsung Galaxy S6

Here’s your first real look at the all new Samsung Galaxy S6, thanks to T-Mobile. We’ll find out more on March 1.

Samsung Galaxy S6

After leaks, teases, and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6, we finally get our first look at the company’s next flagship phone. The photo was unveiled by T-Mobile late Sunday night, along with the announcement that the mobile wireless carrier would be carrying the device.

Samsung Galaxy S6

T-Mobile’s over-caffeinated CEO, John Legere, tweeted out the link to a page that displayed a profile picture of the phone, along with a marketing tagline “Six Appeal.” Ugh, I know. Corny tagline aside, the picture reveals a sleek and sexy phone with dual curved edges. Also, the back of the device also shows that Samsung ditched the pleather (fake leather) and went with a dark gray metal finish. A significant improvement many will be sure to notice.

Unfortunately, this all the news that we have at the moment. However, T-Mobile plans to announce more news about the Samsung Galaxy S6 on March 1. Also, with the Mobile World Congress show right around the corner, I’m sure we’re bound to hear more. We’ll keep you posted.

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