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A photo is all it takes to trick the Galaxy S8’s facial scanner

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 facial-scanner feature is, well, not so great.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 honeymoon may be over quicker than we originally thought. Just a couple days prior, the company unveiled the new Galaxy S8. The response was insanely positive. But as we know, things can change rather quickly.

For example, the company touted a new facial-scanning feature that allows users to unlock their Galaxy S8 with their face. Instead of entering a 4-digit pin or a fingerprint, users can just hold their device up to their face to unlock the phone.

Well, as it turns out, the feature is totally hackable and can be duped with a simple picture. The bloggers over at Marcianophone got their hands on an S8 to test the theory out for themselves. They essentially used a selfie that was saved on another smartphone and unlocked the S8 in about a few seconds.

Samsung notes that its facial recognization feature isn’t the most secure way to protect your smartphone. They urge users to user their fingerprint, iris, or a pin whenever possible. After watching the video above, I would urge users to heed their advice.

The video above from iDeviceHelp will show you exactly how the spoof is done on the Galaxy S8.

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