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  • S8 battery case options S8 battery case options

    Here are some of the best battery cases for the Galaxy S8

    You don't need to spend big bucks to increase your battery life.

  • Samsung galaxy note 9 Samsung galaxy note 9

    Unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will look a lot like the Galaxy Note 8

    Samsung is just being lazy at this point.

  • Galaxy s9 Galaxy s9

    The Galaxy S9 looks ridiculously good and absurdly expensive too

    We live a day and age where people expect innovation. In about two weeks, we’ll be able to see just how...

  • Samsung galaxy s8 Samsung galaxy s8

    Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 – Better late than never

    If money isn't a concern, go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 immediately. It's honestly the best Android smartphone money...

  • Samsung galaxy s8 Samsung galaxy s8

    You can now preorder an unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus from Samsung

    Starting today, you can finally preorder the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus from Best Buy or

  • Galaxy s8 Galaxy s8

    13 Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks you should try right now

    So, you just got your hands on the all new Samsung Galaxy S8. Congratulations. Now, here's some tips and tricks to...

  • Lg g6 Lg g6

    Review: LG G6 – why I prefer this phone over the Samsung Galaxy S8

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 is all the rage right now, but the LG G6 is a worthy contender flying under the...

  • Samsung bixby Samsung bixby

    How to remap the Galaxy S8’s Bixby button to open Google Now

    When there's a will, there's a way.

  • Samsung galaxy s8 Samsung galaxy s8

    Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby won’t be available when the Galaxy S8 launches because Samsung

    Ugh, Samsung is back at it again with some bad news.

  • Nintendo gamecube emulator galaxy s8 Nintendo gamecube emulator galaxy s8

    Watch this dude play Nintendo GameCube games on his Samsung Galaxy S8

    Having the ability to play Nintendo GameCube games on the Galaxy S8 is an extreme game changer.

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