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Watch this dude play Nintendo GameCube games on his Samsung Galaxy S8

Having the ability to play Nintendo GameCube games on the Galaxy S8 is an extreme game changer.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is by far a powerful smartphone. So powerful that some guy decided to run a Nintendo GameCube emulator on it, and by the looks of it, the results are amazing.

YouTuber GuruAidTechSupport describes a little more in detail below:

“So I decided to try and get three different games running on the Galaxy S8 just to see how they perform. The video speaks for itself! Let me know if you like this style better than my previous video for this type of video (feedback helps!). I ended up running Super Smash Bros Mele, Super Mario Sunshine, and The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.” 

Judging from the video, the games run insanely smoothly.

The Galaxy S8 goes on sale April 21 and will run you somewhere in the ballpark of $700, depending on where you buy it from. Nintendo GameCube games can be played on the device using the “Dolphin” emulator, so you can try it out for yourself once you get your hands on a Galaxy S8.



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