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PlayStation 4 5.50 update finally out of beta, now available for everybody

Yay, organization!

Image: CNET

Sony’s latest system update is now available to everybody. Software update 5.50 is a mandatory update that is around 460 MB, and it includes a lot of new features including more parental controls and a new supersampling mode for PlayStation 4 Pro owners.

Sony says that the new supersampling mode will improve image quality in some games when your PS4 Pro is connected to a TV with 2K or lower resolution. This feature is not available for regular PS4 users, so be aware of this if you do not have the PS4 Pro.

The additional parental controls allow parents to keep track of their child’s playtime and set restrictions if necessary. Parents can prevent their children from playing at a certain time and can set these moderations on their phone or PC. Good thing this wasn’t around when I was a child. I used to turn my PS2 on during the middle of the night when my parent’s slept. Oops!

If you are or ever have been a PlayStation Plus member, you will be in a section of your Library to keep all of your purchased and free games separated and in one place. You can sort through your list by hiding games and apps, hide and remove old betas, and more. Also in the update are filters for PSVR games with their logo in the Library section. Last but not least, users can delete old notifications and set custom backgrounds, message logos, and message thread pictures through a portable USB device.

As big as this update is, there still is no word about changing PSN usernames. This is one of the most requested features from the PlayStation community, but Sony remains tight-lipped.

Are you excited for the new update or are these features you are not interested in? Let us know!


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