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Review roundup: Nintendo Switch Lite – out with the thicc, in the with thin

Is the pint-sized Switch any good?

Nintendo switch lite
Image: Kotaku

Okay, so the Nintendo Switch Lite is now out and reviews are coming in. Nintendo dropped the price to $200, but it also dropped a bunch of other things, including things that made the Switch, well, the Switch.

Full reviews are still a while off now but outlets have had hands-on experience, let’s see what they thought:

Is it still a Nintendo Switch if it’s only handheld?

Nintendo switch lite size comparison

Image: Nintendo

Okay, so non-removable controllers, no rumble, no motion controls, and no docking. Isn’t the Switch Lite just a really big 2DS at this point? Kotaku thought so, saying that while the experience left them impressed, it felt like using a 3DS instead of a Switch. That’s great for frequent travelers who don’t want to worry about the Joy-Con mounts breaking, or having to carry the dock around just in case they want to play on a hotel TV.

The Switch Lite also brings back one iconic part of Nintendo’s heritage – the D-pad. Gone are the four disparate buttons on the left control surface, with the familiar D-pad back. All the outlets pointed this out, with Digital Trends calling it “the best improvement [over the original Switch].”

Add some color to your life

Nintendo switch lite colors

Image: Nintendo

So the original Switch let owners add a splash of color with new Joy-Cons. The Switch Lite allows them to express their personality further, with full-color cases, like the special editions of the 2DS and 3DS consoles.

Engadget called it “the cutest little console we ever did see,” saying it’s more ergonomic to hold than the original Switch, and more comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

Lite on battery drain

Nintendo switch lite in hand

Image: Future

The switch to a lower sized screen on the Switch Lite has some benefits, mainly on battery life. Nintendo says you should expect three and seven hours of playtime on a charge, depending on the game you’re playing. That’s also helped by the fairly dim screen, which is a major bummer for using it outdoors, according to Engadget.

It’s also helped by the switch-up to the newer Nvidia chip powering both the Switch Lite and the revised Switch. That makes gameplay pretty much the same as well, with a very similar handheld experience to the original console.

So is it worth it?

The general consensus is that if you already have a Switch, you probably don’t need the Switch Lite. It’ll still sell like hotcakes though, bringing a huge influx of new Switch owners. After all, Nintendo‘s best (and best selling) consoles have long been the handhelds, all the way back to the original GameBoy (we don’t mention the VirtualBoy around here…). Those new colorways will entice some existing owners, especially the Pikachu-esque yellow casing.

If you want a mobile console to game on the daily commute, the Nintendo Switch Lite is for you.

What do you think? Interested in the Nintendo Switch Lite? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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