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Royole made a rollable keyboard to flex on Samsung

Foldable phones, rollable keyboards, where does it end?

royole rollable keyboard ces 2019
Image: GizmoChina

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I miss the old days, where the only roll-ups I had to worry about were of the fruit variety. Flexible screen maker Royole has been in the news quite a bit recently while beating the likes of Samsung to market with its foldable phone, the FlexPai.

That a startup would beat the stalwarts of the industry to market is one thing, but Royole is far from done. The sky is actually the limit with a recent partnership with Airbus to bring their its screens to the sky.

The company is also present at CES 2019, where they’ve released a whole bunch of other nifty devices that feature flexible, thin displays. There are a smart speaker, a smart-touch selfie stick and a rollable keyboard.

More about the Royole rollable keyboard

The rollable QWERTY keyboard can be laid on any smooth surface and connects to your devices via Bluetooth. It’ll even roll itself up when you’re done, by pressing the power button twice. Battery life is supposed to be months in standby mode.

I wonder how easy to type on it is without the usual tactile feedback from the keys. Still, anyone who’s used a Surface keyboard cover or has typed on their iPad should be fine with it.

A smart speaker with a flexible screen and a selfie stick

Royole’s smart speaker has a 7.8-inch AMOLED touchscreen that can bend to 100-degrees. All the usual functions of a music playing speaker are handled by that screen, the speaker has Google Assistant and Alexa integrations, and has an 8 MP camera for video calls and taking pictures.

royole selfie stick

Image: Royole

The smart-touch selfie stick has already been released in China and is expected to come to US-shores later this year. Flexible multi-touch sensors wrap around the handle so you can navigate through the dedicated camera app without moving your hand off the handle.

The keyboard will be available in Q2 and will be on its own site and retailers like Amazon. No pricing details have been announced. The smart speaker is still in distribution talks.

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