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Russian hackers have reportedly attacked some of the RNC’s servers

The RNC insists that none of their information has been compromised.

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It seems like hackers have been running rampant over the last few months. Now, news of a new attack aimed at Synnex, an IT contractor that works for the Republican National Committee (RNC), has come to light.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, a Russian state group of hackers, known as Cozy Bear, is responsible for the recent compromise of the RNC contractor’s systems. This group has ties with Russian intelligence and previously hacked the Democratic National Committee in 2016.

Now it seems the hackers have set their sights on the RNC. Synnex released a press statement in response to the claimed attacks, confirming they were the targets. “Synnex is aware of a few instances where outside actors have attempted to gain access, through Synnex, to customer applications within the Microsoft cloud environment.”

Despite this confirmation, the RNC has been sure to make clear that none of its own information was compromised. RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters states:

“We immediately blocked all access from Synnex accounts to our cloud environment. Our team worked with Microsoft to conduct a review of our systems and after a thorough investigation, no RNC data was accessed. We will continue to work with Microsoft, as well as federal law enforcement officials, on this matter.”

Despite Bloomberg’s sources claiming Russian state involvement, Russian spokesperson Dmitry Peskov denied any Russian involvement with the hackers during a conference called. “We can only repeat that whatever happened, and we don’t know specifically what took place here, this had no connection to official Moscow.”

It is, of course, unknown at this time what the motive of this attack could have been. As of now, there is still plenty of investigating to be done.

Whether or not there is any connection between these attacks and those in 2016 is still up for debate. What’s not up for debate is that something needs to be done to prevent or at least better prepare for hackers looking to attack the country’s infrastructure.

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