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Hackers infiltrated Apex Legends to warn against hackers in Titanfall

The hack links to a website called SaveTitanfall.com.

apex legends and titanfall hackers
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Fans of Respawn’s arena shooter, Titanfall, have taken a guerilla approach to try to weed out the game’s incessant hacking problems. Some individuals have resorted to hacking Respawn’s popular battle royale, Apex Legends, with messages complaining about the hacking problem in Titanfall.

Early this morning, some users began reporting a strange message that displayed when trying to play Apex Legends on PC. Hackers have hacked in-game playlists and filled them with messages complaining that Respawn hasn’t done enough to combat hackers in Titanfall.

The messages also advertise a particular website. SaveTitanfall.com is a website fully committed to spreading the word about the major hacking issues in Titanfall. According to the website, Respawn has done virtually nothing to combat the hackers that have made the game unplayable over the last few years.

Originally, the hack was only affecting PC players, but now it looks like more and more users across PC, Xbox, and PlayStation have started to see the ‘save Titanfall’ messages. Because this hack targets the game’s playlists with a hacked playlist, this hack has rendered the game unplayable by affected individuals.

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This is a very interesting situation. Titanfall is now a seven-year-old game, but it obviously still has a dedicated player base that cares deeply about the game.

The fact that people have resorted to hacking Respawn’s more popular title to bring awareness to the lack of attention the company has put into Titanfall shows just how much the community wants Titanfall to become playable again.

Hopefully, Respawn sees these messages and works to get rid of the hackers running rampant in its older title.

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