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2K Games was hacked – change your passwords and enable MFA

If you clicked on anything in a recent email from 2K Support, here’s what to do.

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Game publisher 2K Games has warned all its users that it was hacked. The hack came through a third-party vendor that provides part of 2K’s support platform.

Supposedly, a hacker broke into 2K Support through a help desk program. The company says the hacker sent out multiple, legitimate-looking emails from the platform containing malicious links.

“Earlier today, we became aware that an unauthorized third party illegally accessed the credentials of one of our vendors to the help desk platform that 2K uses to provide support to our customers,” wrote 2K Support in a tweet.

“The unauthorized party sent a communication to certain players containing a malicious link. Please do not open any emails or click on any links that you receive from the 2K Games support account.”

With that said, do yourself a favor and don’t open any emails from them or click on any links inside those emails.

2k games hacked support emails being sent out
Image: KnowTechie (via Reddit)

How to secure your 2K Games account

If you clicked on anything in a recent email from 2K Support, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to accounts.2k.com/forgot-password and reset your password, and update the new one in your password manager
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication on all of your internet accounts (not just the 2K one)
  3. Install and run an anti-virus program
  4. Check and make sure that email forwarding isn’t enabled on the email account you use with 2K

2K is still in control of their Twitter account and posted the news with the mitigation steps above.

2K says the support site will stay down until they finish their internal investigation. So if you’ve got a support ticket with them, unfortunately, all you can do is wait.

“We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and disruption that this matter may cause. We appreciate the ongoing support and understanding from our player communities,” wrote 2K Support.

This is the latest in a series of high-profile hacks. A hacker got into Rockstar Games and released videos of the upcoming title, Grand Theft Auto 6.

That hacker also seemingly hacked Uber. In addition, Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 4 also had nearly an hour of gameplay leaked online.

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