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Samsung made a flower vase that’s really a fire extinguisher

Just throw it at a fire!

samsung firevase being thrown into the fire
Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Okay, this is pretty damn clever. A subsidiary of Samsung, Cheil Worldwide, has created a fire extinguisher you wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave out in view. Meet the Firevase.

The ingenious vase holds a solution of potassium carbonate inside a double-wall, with a smaller inner section to use as a vase normally. If a fire pops out of nowhere for some reason, you can throw the whole vase at it like some kind of reverse-grenade. The outer chamber breaks, and the potassium carbonate solution both suppresses oxygen while cooling the burning items. Wild, right?

The idea for the vase came from a publicity campaign for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, to bring awareness of the need to keep a fire extinguisher on hand, especially in crowded small apartment blocks. With over 10,000 residential fires occurring in South Korea yearly, this public safety campaign hopes to reduce that figure. South Korea has passed legislation requiring every home to have a fire extinguisher by 2017, but the research that the insurance company did showed that 57-percent of homes still don’t have one, almost two years after the deadline.

Watch Samsung’s Firevase in action below

According to Dezeen, 100,000 Firevases were handed out to households across the country in a three-month period towards the end of 2018. That increased the number of homes with a fire extinguisher nationwide by 8-percent. That’s a pretty impressive tally, but Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance didn’t stop there, based on the positive response to the campaign, it decided to produce another 200,000 Firevases for distribution. Once handed out, that should mean that the number of houses without a fire extinguisher drops to under 20-percent of the country.

I wish insurance companies in the States did things like this; it’s far more useful than branded pens.

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