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Samsung’s 75″ MicroLED TV uses panels that allow you to quickly change the size

Don’t worry, you can’t afford it.

samsung modular television on wall at ces 2019
Image: Mashable

I like my TV. It’s not the best, nor is it the worse, and its size is pretty appropriate for my living room. But now Samsung has me completely rethinking everything I thought I wanted out of a television.

First shown at CES 2018 and called “The Wall,” this year at CES 2019, Samsung went all out to show attendees exactly what is possible with a modular television.

More about the TV and a look at how it breaks down

According to Mashable, Jong-Hee Han, president of Samsung’s display division, states that “This screen is customizable and can be placed anywhere in the home. If we add new modules to this 75-inch screen, the display can be scaled up to 80 inches or 90 inches.”

Below, look at the video from Raymond Wong of Mashable to see how disassembly would work on the TV.


More about the Samsung TV

So, Samsung’s MicroLED TV is more than just modular. In addition to being able to literally change the size of your screen, the television also features some tech that is most likely out of the price range of like 99% of people everywhere.

With OLED, pixels create their own light, meaning better colors, deeper blacks, etc. With MicroLED, you’re getting all of that, but at an even more detailed level. Also, unlike OLED, which uses organic compounds (which helps drive the price up), MicroLED does not and should prove to be even brighter than traditional OLED and offer near-perfect, if not perfect, black levels when viewing.

What do you think of the modular television from Samsung? Would you like one in your home? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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