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Samsung’s decision to drop the price of the Galaxy S21 seems to be paying off

People like paying less money, who would have thought?

galaxy s21 ultra camera
Image: Samsung

Last year, we saw the introduction of the Galaxy S20 smartphones. Without a doubt, they were a bunch of excellent smartphones. However, their price point, along with the pandemic, took its toll, and sales were far from what the people at Samsung expected.

Fast forward a year later, Samsung is back with its brand new Galaxy S21 series. But unlike last year, it seems Samsung learned from its mistakes and hit the jackpot. The sales are off the charts. Compared to the same period last year, Samsung has sold three times more S21 smartphones than it did S20 smartphones back then. The basic model S21 model that runs $800 is the most popular from the S21 series and contributes almost half of all sales. 

In contrast, it seems a bit unfair to compare 2020 sales with 2021 sales, all things considered. Back then, there were so many things we didn’t know about the pandemic, and the lockdowns were extensive. Nowadays, there are fewer lockdowns, and with the ongoing vaccination, we are starting to see the first signs of normalcy. Consequently, people feel more comfortable spending their hard-earned money on smartphones, and Samsung is feeling that. 

By lowering the starting price by $200, compared to the previous flagship’s price tag, Samsung managed to achieve another important milestone. The thing is, sales of the S series have been dropping since the Galaxy S8. Based on the current sales numbers, the Galaxy S21 is on track to reverse the declining trajectory, and that’s a huge milestone that has everyone at Samsung very excited.

According to data from research and analytics company Atlas Research & Consulting, Samsung has managed to sell 590,000 units of the S21 series. Even though this is still lower than the S8 sales set at 620,000 for the same period, it is an unprecedented step forward compared with S20 sales. 

Whether this boost in sales will be enough for Samsung to reclaim the throne from Apple is yet to be seen. Data from Q4 of 2020 showed that Apple is still ahead of Samsung.

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