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Samsung’s Galaxy Note is officially dead

It will live on in spirit through Samsung’s Ultra branding.

samsung galaxy note 20
Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note branding is dead. Not just paused but officially finished. That’s straight from Samsung’s new mobile chief, Roh Tae-moon. Going forward, the “Galaxy Note will be released as [the] Ultra.”

The S-pen-equipped phablet is a fan favorite. Samsung didn’t release a Galaxy Note device in 2021, after years of releasing both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. Instead, it held the S-pen in reserve for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

We all thought that the Galaxy S22 Ultra was a Galaxy Note in all but name. Now, we have official confirmation that’s the case, with the Note becoming the Ultra.

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galaxy s22 with s pen
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s official pre-order figures for South Korea show 1.02 million units of the Galaxy S22 Ultra already, with another week of the pre-order period to go.

That’s a respectable number, although it’s short of the 1.17 million units that the Galaxy Note 20 reached. It’s also short of the 1.3 million pre-orders that the Galaxy Note 10 managed in 2019.

Does that downward trend show that the market is falling out of love with the S-pen and the phablet form factor? It’s hard to say, as the falling sales figures come during the pandemic.

The worldwide market for smartphones dropped by around ten percent in 2020, which could explain the drop in Galaxy Note 20 orders. We’ll have to see what the retail sales of the Galaxy S22 Ultra do to that trend.

Let’s pour out one for the Galaxy Note. While we’re at it, though, raise a glass to the Galaxy Ultra, because it’s a spectacular rebirth for the phablet we all know and love.

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