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Android 13 will finally let people adjust their flashlight brightness

This Android 13 feature could finally bring the flashlight on par with the iOS flashlight.

android 13
Image: KnowTechie

If you use an Android phone, you are probably familiar with the LED flashlight on the back. And if you’ve been using it long enough, you likely know that there’s no way to adjust the brightness of it. Well, it looks like that is going to change with Android 13.

The feature was initially discovered by Esper and shared in a blog post. According to them, the next Android OS update features a way to change the brightness of your Android’s flashlight.

The latest Android operating system contains two new APIs that show the new customization. “getTorchStrengthLevel” and “turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel” both point to new flashlight functionality.

android 13 torch options
Android 13’s API showing new torch options (Image: Esper)

The LED flashlight on Android is designed as a light source for taking pictures. But many people use it as a flashlight to help see in the dark. The ability to adjust the brightness level is something that has been missing from Android devices.

Adjusting the brightness on your phone’s LED light is a feature that iOS users have had access to for a while now. So, it’s nice to see that it will finally be coming to the Android flashlight.

Unfortunately, the feature may not be available for all Android devices. It requires manufacturers to update a device’s camera hardware. And it’s likely that this kind of update won’t make it to all Android devices.

Still, it’s nice to see that this feature is something that is on Google’s radar. It’s honestly surprising that it has taken this long, but better late than never.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly how many Android devices actually get the feature once Android 13 arrives.

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