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Twitter Blue users on Android can finally change their homescreen icon

Android users have technically been paying for the feature for months.

Twitter Blue users on Android devices can now use one of the features they’ve already been paying for. That’s the ability to retheme the app’s homescreen icon to one of the options Twitter has on offer.

You read that correctly. Android users that have been paying $4.99 a month for Twitter Blue haven’t been able to use all of the features they’re paying for. Now they can at least update their icon, with a selection of custom homescreen icons for their Twitter app.

Let’s not forget that iOS users have had this functionality since Twitter Blue launched months ago. Let’s also not forget that the selection of icons is limited to a few colors and some abstract or image-backed ones that Twitter changes seasonally.

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Why can’t we custom create icons to our liking? Twitter could expand this function to let you pick custom color codes, a gradient between two colors, or even custom backgrounds. Is it an app store limitation? I’d love for it to be possible.

Twitter Blue is still missing features on Android, even with this change. Ad-free articles, admittedly one of the biggest perks of Twitter Blue, are nowhere to be seen on Android.

Twitter also hasn’t added the ability to theme the app or customize the navigation icons. The same goes for the ability to use NFTs as account profile pictures.

It’s inexcusable that Twitter is allowing Twitter Blue users to pay the same subscription fee on both Android and iOS; without those users having feature parity.

Sort it out Twitter, or give Android users a discount until both sets of subscribers have access to the same features.

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